Many sexual assault victims face a secondary trauma when they try to report the crime.

This trauma can be more damaging than the assault itself.

  Believe Her  by artist  Amber Vittoria  

Believe Her by artist Amber Vittoria 

Why can't we just Believe Her?


1 in 6

American women are raped in their lifetime. 1 in 4 suffer some form of sexual assault.

2 out of 3

rapes go unreported.


of rapes are falsely reported. And yet, the common narrative claims that women lie.


The Film


The Shoot

Believe Her is a 10 minute narrative short film starring Emmy and Golden Globe Nominee Allison Tolman that explores what happens when a woman tries to report sexual assault.  The story, built from true experiences from sexual assault victims, is told from the POV of the victim from the time she is assaulted through her decision not to file a report.  Film has the power to shape opinions, create empathy, and inspire action.  Believe Her seeks to do by so giving a voice to the countless victims who have been mistreated by our justice system and the people they love most. 

Believe Her will shoot with an all female crew on October 21 and 22 in Brooklyn, NY.

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